Sunday, February 9, 2014

Local Book Store now Stocks “12 Steps To A Lighter Pack"

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Steven Lowe

12 Steps To a Lighter Pack     -Shaving three or more pounds from your pack


Local bookstore is now carrying “12 Steps To A Lighter Pack”

Kennesaw, GA –February 9th, 2014  -Local writer and avid outdoorsman, Steven Lowe, announced today, "12 Steps To a Lighter Pack -Shaving three or more pounds from your pack" is now available locally at The Prepper’s Vault.

Backpackers, day-hikers, and preppers alike can benefit from 12 Steps To a Lighter Pack.

While backpackers focus on a lighter pack, while on the trail, and preppers focus on surviving the apocalypse or getting home safely, both groups tend to carry items in a pack. The more items carried means the more weight that is carried. This book offers ideas and specific tips on how to lighten the pack. Whether the pack is designed to be used on a week-long trip backpacking or a pack that is designed to get someone home after having been stranded on the road and using a “72-hour pack”

About Steven

Steven currently lives in Atlanta, Ga and has been camping since he was a young child. Not long after graduating up to backpacking, he spent many years researching tips and techniques on how to lighten the load on his back. Over the years he was able to reduce the weight by fifteen pounds.


Steven Lowe