Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big "Announcement"

So, I have been away for quite some time now with what Steve refers to as an "Announcement" to make. Well I suppose it is finally time to get this out and in the open.

Drum Roll Please....

I am no longer a single man. I got engaged in April of last year 2012, and I was married to my best friend on May 4th 2013. I have been out of the blogging and videoing for the Hammock Brothers, while getting everything in line for a big wedding. The wedding went well (besides the massive ammount of rain) and I am back from Playa del Carmen, Mexico and getting back in the groove. That means, I am about to take it up a notch and try to get some more content on the blog for your reading enjoyment.

Steve and I will also be trying to get together for more videos in the near future also. I am keeping this short but below are a few pictures from the wedding and the honeymoon for your viewing pleasure.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Book Announcement -12 Steps to A Lighter Pack

RidgeLine Creations LLC
Steven Lowe

12 Steps To a Lighter Pack     -Shaving three or more pounds from your pack

Pick up your copy here:

Atlanta, GA -June 1, 2013 -Local writer and avid outdoorsman, Steven Lowe, announced today the release of his new book, "12 Steps To a Lighter Pack -Shaving three or more pounds from your pack".

Backpackers and day-hikers alike can benefit from 12 Steps To a Lighter Pack.
Within the book are twelve steps each with ounce-cutting steps. If you average four ounces per step, you can shave three pounds from your pack.

About Steven

Steven currently lives in Atlanta, Ga and has been camping since he was a young child. Not long after graduating up to backpacking, he spent many years researching tips and techniques on how to lighten the load on his back. over the years he was able to reduce the weight by fifteen pounds.

There is not one book, one piece of advice, or one class that will teach you all that you would need to know on how to lighten your pack. It takes many sources of information, many years of experience, and many backpacking trips to figure it all out.


Steven Lowe