Monday, February 20, 2012

"Adventurous, God Fearin', and Southern by the Grace of God"

The GAHammockBros (Mike and Steve) will be posting videos to our Youtube channel, writing this blog, and working on getting a review website up and running. The website will include reviews of our gear and food experiments that we think up over time, as well as trip reports so you can join us on the trial. We will also offer the information on how to buy all the things that we have in our arsenal and also we sell a few things ourselves.
If you love the outdoors and like to compare and contrast ideas for packs and like to see opinions before you buy something then you have come to the right place. We plan on posting reviews and ratings on products that we use and try out on a regular basis. If you have any questions or comments we really appreciate feedback and hope that you love what we do as much as we love doing it. Below we thought we would introduce ourselves to you and let you know a little more about the guys behind this blog.
I am the young buck of the pair and I love anything and everything that is camping and outdoors related. I grew up in the mountains of North Georgia and am a country boy through and through.I love my Momma, my God, my woman, and my dog. I love the peace that comes from waking up to a brisk morning and getting the coffee on the stove for the morning wake up or baiting the pole to fish the day away.
If there is something to do outside I am there. I have been on a lot of trips and have stories from every single one. I plan on sharing some of those with you as well as walking you through the many upgrades and changes I make to my ever changing pack. I hope everyone enjoys this blog and gets as much out of it as we did while researching and reviewing these products.
I am an avid outdoorsman at heart but seem to be stuck in an office. I would much rather be in the mountains of North Georgia stoking the early-morning fire for coffee or or in a boat in the middle of Lake Seminole at sunrise using a Buzzbait to hook that early-morning bucket mouth.
Bottom line- I want to be outside. so every chance I get I hit the trail. Either for a hike or even car-camping. Check out our trip reports and you can experience the outdoors with us. I will introduce you to my pack and the gear I take and why I take it. If I am not on the trail, I am usually writing about it in my trip reports or maybe a tale or two.
And like Mike, I am a good ole southern gentleman. I say Sir and Ma’am and Pray to God above. We love our country, our family, and the freedom to camp in the wonderful outdoors. Come on with us and take a trip.

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